Star Garden

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Star Garden

Star Garden is our public area in the fourth floor to provide venues for Charitable activities and business meetings and parties.

Our advantages:
1.As we located 150 meters away from subway station, transportation is very convenient.
2.Our space equipped multimedia equipment, a small stage,audio and microphone.
3.We provided catering drinks.
Indoor space:  250?                               Capacity?80 pax
Outdoor space ? 200?                         Capacity?40 pax

Reservation Policy?
1. Don't make loud noise.
2. Please order your food and drink in our Bar.Bring drinks or food by yourselves is not allowed.
3. Venues are subject to charges,evenings activity should be end before 23:00.
4. Proposal of activity should be sent to ,and the theme must be legal.
5. Please note we are Co-organized your activity while promoting and mark our QR Code.
6. For the activities found in violation or unhealthy purpose, we have the right to terminate the activity immediately.

Contact: Mr.Dai                   Tel:+86 13913831719